This is the best all round rig that I have found for fishing for Mulloway from most beaches and rivers. This rig also works well on Threadfin, Gummy Sharks and Rays If you need more [More]
Catching big salmon at Point Drummond’s surf beach in South Australia. There were huge schools in their thousands all day which provided the perfect chance just to flick lures at them all day. The salmon [More]
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Spinnerbait fishing, jig fishing, drop shot fishing Decision on the Water
BPS Bass in the Grass Tips on Fishing Aquatic Vegetation (Kevin Van Dam)
Swinging flies on the Miracle Mile in January. Tips and tricks from cast angle all the way to landing the fish. Theo Anest comments on each step in this video. A cinematographic journey into the soul of a fly fisherman. Watch as this fly fishing video carries you through amazing places including “Helicopter Fishing”. A must have for any fly fisherman’s video collection.
Fly Odyssey hosted tarpon week aboard Perola fly fishing the waters of the Isle de Juventud, Cuba aboard Perola in June 2013.
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