Fly fishing for some small 4-10lb carp in a small suburban stream. These fish don’t eat anything I throw at them except for when I dead drift sucker spawn. Music is by Nat Janoff Purchase [More]
Epic Fly Fishing for Bone Fish, Tarpon, and Massive Barracuda. Enjoy in HD
While ice fishing on top of a frozen Lake Superior, one fisherman caught a truly giant lake trout. It took a while to pull the big guy out from the small hole but it was [More]
Shows number of anglers and boats out on Easter weekend Walleye Run. This is early morning and is a bit cloudy. More anglers out this year than seen in years previously. Season started late this [More]
An incredible fishing adventure up into the Arctic circle courtesy of Storekorsnes Ferie og Fritid and Din Tur.Ellen and Albert can be found at Cod, Halibut, Coalfish and Wolfys!Sea Eagles, German WW2 gun emplacements, [More]
A U.S. Coast Guard ice-breaker is racing to rescue an Australian fishing boat stranded in frozen Antarctic waters. The vessel and 26 crew members are stuck 900 miles northeast of the McMurdo Sound. Jeff Glor [More]
Dave Csanda and Alex Keszler go mobile using search tactics for big-water walleyes on ice. From our 2012 Angling Edge Show (show 2 Segment 2). To purchase the baits used in this show click here: [More]
Smallmouth bass can be caught through the ice by being in the right seasonal location while using the right jigging lure.
The World’s Largest Tuna Fishing Vessel greek subs
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